10 Tips to See More Reader Feedback

June 15, 2012

tips to see more reader feedback

When you build a blog for your business in the hopes of promoting your products and improving your sales, there would have been a point when you were starting out when you felt as if you were only talking to yourself. Of course, this is understandable as you have just launched your blog. But after a few months of posting a steady stream of original content and efforts to promote your blog on social media platforms and you still feel as if your blog entries could have merited more comments, here are some techniques you could try to keep your readers excited:

  1. Check your comment settings. Your blog post might be the most interesting that happened on the blogosphere but it may have only one or two comments from readers because it is too much of a hassle to do so. Make the commenting process as easy for your blog visitors as possible. Skip the log in process. Blogs for business that are easier to comment on are those that only require the username, email, and the comment of your blog readers.
  2. Conduct a poll. Many people love performing in polls and surveys. For instance, after creating a blog post about the benefits of some blogging platforms, close the entry by asking readers to make a comment about which blogging platform they prefer. You can use polling software to enable users to just click on their choice and show results in real time.
  3. Ask for comments. Some experienced bloggers have observed that their entries win more comments if they specifically ask for it in their blog posts. A simple “So, what do you think?” or “Share your opinion on this topic” before you close could do the trick.
  4. Comment on other blogs. Even the more experienced bloggers appreciate receiving comments from both old and new readers of blogs for business. Allot a significant amount of time just reading other blogs and giving your two cents on some topics and you will be surprised to see how many online friends you make – friends who would visit and actually comment on your blog.
    • Participate in discussions and give useful comments on other blogs for business that are related to yours. In some cases when a blogger discusses a topic related to yours, you can express your agreement or your own insight and segue to something like “By the way, I tackled this subject myself on my blog. Check it out.”
  5. Blog about current events. You are likely to get traffic on your blog from search engines if you write about trending topics or what is known as the most talked about events, products, and news in the online community. Jump on the chance to blog about a news item, especially if it is related to your business.
  6. Ask a question. Encourage discussions by asking a question at the end of your post. You can even post your question in the heading itself so that readers are given the chance to formulate their own opinion as they read through your post. By the time they are finished, they will be ready to share their insights on the subject matter.
  7. Reply to comments. When readers realize that you take the time to reply to all comments, they will be eager to drop a line themselves and will be looking forward to your reply. As the volume of comments you receive increases, it would be more productive to reply to them in bulk. Take related questions together and answer them at once. If someone says something positive, express your thanks. If you receive negative feedback, ask the person politely why he thinks so and thank him for his comment anyway.
  8. Promote your blog posts in social media. Sign up for social media like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook and use them to promote posts and get traffic on your blog. Just make sure to customize your message according to the dynamics of each platform so users find them acceptable. For instance, Tumblr is a good place to put photos where you can include a link. Tweets on the other hand allow you to make a post within the 140-character limit.
  9. Offer freebies. Free products have a certain appeal to blog-hoppers so you can “bribe” your readers to interact within your blog by offering a free eBook or report. You can also hold contests with your very own products as prizes to encourage reader participation.
  10. Be humble and gracious. Nothing turns readers off more than a blogger with a big head. Be an authority but be thankful if someone shares knowledge and information. Be patient with readers who might have misinterpreted your blog posts and take time to acknowledge those who start constructive discussions.

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