5 Blogging Ideas to Promote Your Business

Blogging Ideas for Business

August 13, 2011

Blogs, or what used to be known as weblogs, have evolved from personal online journals into highly powerful business marketing tools. Business owners operating both online and offline are seeing the benefits of maintaining a blog apart from a corporate website.

Ideally, a blog contains updated content that provides readers with useful tips and helpful information. A conversational tone is used to encourage a two-way interaction between a company and its potential clients. It helps to insert keywords in your entries in an effective way to get traffic for your blog. Keyword research tools are readily available online to give you an idea on which keywords you should use.

A blog for your business helps drive more website visitors to your official site. A blog also increases your online visibility and builds your credibility and online reputation. Over time, your blog can help you build an online community whose members interact based on similar likes and interests. If your company offers a wide range of products or services, it is a good idea to create separate blogs that are more focused and specific.

So what are some of the ways to use blogs for business promotion?

  1. FAQs
    Use your blog to address common questions and queries sent by people interested in your products and services. Keep the list updated so that your blog visitors have access to the information they need at a glance. Having an FAQ section gives the impression that you value your customers and are willing to come to their assistance.
  2. Events and Promotions
    People are constantly searching for promos, events, and discounts in their localities using search engines. Having an updated Events and Promotion section is an effective way to get blog traffic. If your company is holding an event or a promotion, write about them on your blog. Highlight the benefits your readers can gain from participating in an event or availing of a promotion.

    Remember: Your blog is not a press center. There are places online that people visit when they want to look for press releases. People read blogs for business because they get a glimpse of a company’s “personality.” In cases where you want to include information contained in a press release on your blog, edit them first so that they do not sound too formal. Otherwise, your blog would just be an extension of your official website.

  3. Contests and Games
    Hold contests and games during anniversaries, special holidays, and other special occasions. If you choose, you can have them on a daily basis to ensure that people return to and even follow your blog. This option helps you get blog traffic and introduce your products and services a wider audience. You can even offer samples of your products as prizes to spread more information about your company.
  4. ‘What’s New?’
    Blogs for business win more conversions if followers are in the know about the latest updates. Add a “What’s New?” section on your blog so that returning visitors are given a summary of what kind of information awaits them so that they do not have to browse through your archives each time they visit.

    One way to keep readers updated and get traffic for your blog is through Twitter. Embed the Twitter widget on your blog and use it to announce new articles you just posted, what topics you are working on at the moment, contests and contest winners, and company news. This should keep your readers interested.

  5. Photos
    Photos make blogs for business more interesting. Upload a photo related to your company and place a short description. Most blog platforms allow you to import photos from Flickr or Photobucket, to be embedded in a specific section on your blog. Be careful in posting photos you pulled from anywhere on the web. The last thing you want to happen is to be sued for copyright infringement. However, putting well-researched photos also helps get traffic to your blog.
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