5 Helpful Tips to Generate Bright Blog Ideas

How to come up with ideas

August 26, 2011

Content is one of the most important factors that determine a blog’s success. Not only do you get blog readers if you post entries that are informative and factual, but you also cement your authority in the field and gain loyal followers. Blog writing may not be as easy to some people as it is to others. Fortunately, there are ways that can help anyone generate good ideas to enrich the content of his blog. Whether you are a beginner in the blogosphere or an experienced writer, the following suggestions will always come in handy:

Read. Read. Read.
Making it a daily habit to read can do wonders for your blog writing. Whether you prefer reading blogs, news sites, novels, or even comic books, there is always an idea waiting to jump at you from somewhere – you just have to read it. If you are a wide reader, you expand your knowledge about a lot of things and stay updated in current events. Visit online sites focused on blogging and social media. Read blogs targeting the same niche as you and learn from them.

Write down your ideas.
It is not uncommon to come up with bright ideas when you least expect it like when in you’re in the bath, just woke up in the morning, or riding the subway. Ideas go as fast as they come so make sure you list down whatever comes to mind, no matter how farfetched. Keep a notebook or a planner. In the event that you come up empty on what to do next, you always have something to consult to help you with blog writing.

Schedule brainstorming sessions. Instead of thinking up ideas for blog writing one at a time, take some time to sit down and just churn out as many ideas as you can. You can try the mind-mapping method wherein you build up on ideas related to those you come up with. Develop and organize these into a working outline if possible. This will make it easier for you to determine the focus of your blog and find out which posts are more promising than others.

Come up with creative titles.
Well thought out titles are guaranteed to get traffic on your blog. When people search for something related to your topics, one of the first things they will view on the search engine results page is the title of your posts. Taking considerable time to plan your titles makes good brain exercise. As a bonus, the more likely readers will click your URL if you use creative titles. Some bloggers prefer to write titles first before expanding on it to make an entry. Others think of titles in the end, after writing. Whichever works for you, just make sure you give your blog entry an attention-grabbing title.

Check your statistics.
Looking at your statistics can give you ideas for blog writing. Go back several months and check which of your previous posts are most visited and which ones gained little interest. Write about topics closely related to those posts or write a second part for a highly popular post. Insert keywords and get traffic on your blog more quickly.

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