5 Ways to Find Your Unique Blogging Personality

March 30, 2012

5 ways to find your unique blogging personality

As we often mention how blogging is about fostering an atmosphere wherein blogger and readers can openly communicate thoughts and ideas, it is important that blog owners establish a unique online personality, with whom readers can better identify with. Once you start to steadily get traffic on your blog, your goal should be to keep readers interested enough to make repeated visits. It can be done, first by regularly posting informative and useful content and secondly, by allowing your readers to see beyond the blocks of words you publish.

So how do you develop and introduce a unique blogging character? How can you find your own “voice” in the blogosphere?

Be yourself. Be professional and authoritative but at the same time, do not be afraid to show curiosity, acknowledge both positive and negative comments, express your thanks, and admit mistakes. Show your readers that you certainly do know everything but live with the understanding that blogging is a continuous learning process. It will help them connect and better identify with you.

Emphasize a unique trait. As there are hundreds of bloggers out there, many of them your direct competitors, you also need to stand out. You will get traffic on your blog more than your rival bloggers if readers have somehow grown familiar with your “brand” or blogging personality. Assess yourself and think about your unique traits. Maybe you can take one of these and use it to develop an online persona that is uniquely you.

Create a tagline. Success stories we have witnessed in the field of advertising can also happen in the blogging world. Come up with a tagline that is definitive of your brand or your products. It should be witty and descriptive at the same time. Thinking of the right one is not easy but you’ll know it when it finally comes to you. Once you decide on a tagline, ensure that all elements of your blog reflect your tagline.

Review feedback. Another way to develop a unique personality is to learn about how other people see you. Read comments and messages sent to you and try to picture the impression your give your readers based on how they talk to you

Highlight advantages. Have your received certification as an authority on your subject matter? Have you recently attended a convention to gain more knowledge? Have you been blogging for much longer than your competitors? Think of something that rival bloggers may not have and put it on the front page. Get traffic on your blog by giving emphasis to what sets you apart – whether it is your experience, skills, and so on.

Trial and error. A unique blogging personality takes quite some time to develop. Do not be discouraged if you use a personality and it doesn’t work. Try one approach after another until you find what personality your target market warms up to the most. Always make sure that the voice you use on your blog fits your brand and help you reach your goals.

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