Establishing Good Client Relations with Opt-In Emails

November 3, 2011

Opt-in offer.

Have you ever visited a website or a blog that you found interesting and you agreed to sign up for a free eBook or newsletter the site is offering? This sign-up feature often found in blogs today is called the opt-in feature. Usually you would have to type in your name and email address to receive a free product. You may not be aware of it as you are mainly interested in the freebies or information promised during the time when you were signing up but opt-in is actually a very effective Internet marketing strategy to get traffic on your blog.

As opposed to Spam emails, opt-in emails are welcomed by users. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have signed up at your blog. Enabling this feature helps you generate a list of emails of people interested in your business, ergo, potential clients. What makes opt-in so popular and effective is that it supports your blog’s goal of establishing a personal relationship with your target market.

Your opt-in list can serve you various purposes in the future. Guard it with your life. Some effective ways of keeping people in your opt-in list interested is by sending weekly or monthly newsletters, providing updates on resources related to your field, giving them a free report or eBook, making available free tutorials, and informing them about new content on your blog.

As mentioned, you already know that the people who signed up for your opt-in offer would like to know more about your products and services. You can therefore be assured that they would gladly welcome new announcements you make be it about new products, promos and discounts, and other free offers. Opt-in will not only get traffic on your blog, but it is also proven effective in boosting your online sales.

So how does an opt-in offer work? First of all, you must have something that you can offer free of charge to your website visitors. You can either prepare a free report or an eBook that your target audience will find useful. Try visiting the websites of successful bloggers. You are sure to find out that they are offering a free report or more resources if you sign up and give them your email. Once you obtain the email of interested users, you can take advantage of this opportunity to communicate with them on a regular basis.

Now there is no need for you to reply manually to each user who signs up for your opt-in offer. This is where auto-responders come into play. Auto-responders are automated emails that you prepare beforehand. They are message templates that users receive on the dates you specify. For one, you should get an auto-responder ready to be sent immediately after a person signs up at your website. Auto-responders give the impression that you care about your clients and show them that you are reliable. Auto-responders are discussed further in this blog.

Once your opt-in list, your special product offer and your auto-responders are ready, you can start managing this feature. You can ask the assistance of experts for this; some blog management service providers can help you with this. You can do it yourself if you would like to. It will take lots of hard work but the good thing about it is it can be automated.

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