Promoting Your Business Blog as a Guest Blogger

November 11, 2011

Guest blogger

You’ve got nothing to lose by taking the opportunity to do guest-post on other blogs or inviting other bloggers to post as guests on your own. If done correctly, guest posting is an effective way to promote your blog and your business. To make guest posting work for you, you need to have shown that you are an authority in your business field and that your blog contains updated, original, and useful information.

Blogs for business are aimed at providing a direct channel of communication with your target market. You must develop strategic relationships with other bloggers related to your business as well. Consumers are constantly looking for new and diverse products and services so that although you may see other bloggers as competition, sharing the market also has its advantages.

Maintaining blogs for business can take up time and needs extensive planning. By having other bloggers post as guests on your blog, you can be sure that your blog will never be out of date. Blog followers will be kept interested if you are always offering something fresh and new on the table. You may not be aware of it yet, but many bloggers like you are actually eager to be called upon as guest bloggers. It is a win-win situation for guest bloggers and the blog owner. If the guest blogger you had on your blog is popular and he mentions in his blog that he guest posted on your blog, his readers will definitely know about your business blog and you get blog traffic.

On the other hand, if it’s you who are interested to guest-blog for others, you have the power to promote your blog to other communities and potential markets. Usually, the owner of a business blog compensates a guest blogger by allowing the latter to post his link within his guest post or the author box. When the blog owner’s regular readers finds your post interesting, they are more likely to visit your blog. You get blog traffic and raise the possibilities of making online sales. You also have the opportunity to interact with users who comment on your guest post.

Now to start your “career” as guest poster, you need to be able to determine which blog you would like to promote your blogs for business. The more readers a blog has, the more new readers you are likely to gain. So find your favorite blogs and contact the owner thru email, expressing your interest in posting as a guest. Be sincere.

Introduce yourself and your business briefly and send a guest post. Include your blog URL as well. Most bloggers nowadays appreciate guest bloggers but if the blog owner you got in touch with refuses, modify your guest post and try submitting to other blogs. In the event that your guest post is published on another blog, talk about it on your blog as well as in your social media profiles. Pay attention and respond to every comment your post receives and you are guaranteed to get blog traffic in no time.

Be courteous and professional at all times even if you read negative comments or statements that contradict yours. And last but not least, do not forget to thank the blog owner for having you. Express your willingness to be called upon a guest blogger when he needs one. You can also take the opportunity to ask him to post as a guest on your blog as well.

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