Start Your Blog Now – Your Ultimate Action Plan

September 15, 2011

Action plan to start a blog.

You have learned about the benefits a blog can do for your business and read about the basic concepts that make blogs for business successful. Chances are, hundreds of other people know about these concepts as well but why is there only a handful of successful blogs around? The answer is because not all of those who read about blogging tips are eager to execute what they have learned. Either they are too busy to start or too doubtful that they can pull it off.

So are you interested in boosting your business profits by starting a business blog? Then there is no better time to start that now. The longer you put it off the less interesting it would seem. Not to mention, you will be missing out on the opportunity to expand your market while competition gets ahead of you.

Of course, you need to have an action plan the same way you did before you opened your business. Working around a well-planned strategy saves you time and effort. You need to know what your goals are and how to reach them. Start building your blog and ask yourself these questions as you go along:

What will you blog about?
Starting a blog without a clear idea of what it is going to be about could never result in anything fruitful. It would be very much like trying to shoot hoops in the dark. You need to determine your niche – one that is neither too broad nor too narrow – and think of what your target market really needs.

Is my blog title easy to remember?
Your blog title must be given careful thought. It should not be too long and must promote easy recall. Use wit and creativity to come up with something catchy – something readers will remember with their eyes closed. Same goes with your URL – do not make it too long. If possible, let your blog title be your URL itself.

Which blogging platform should I use?
With the number of free blogging platforms around, anyone has the power to get his message heard by people around the world. If you have not really tried managing blogs for business before now, you will find WordPress and Blogger very user-friendly. They make publishing, planning layouts, editing, and search engine optimization much easier. Try visiting blogs that use these platforms to help you decide which platform you would like to use.

Did the theme I chose representative of my business and my brand?
Free blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger make available various templates you could use. You can also try searching Google for templates from external sources offering themes designed by users. The best thing to do is to choose a color scheme and a layout that is clean and easy on the eyes. Make sure the template you use can be customized so that you can upload a banners or logos and showcase your products effectively.

What should I talk about in my first post?
Your first post should introduce your business and your products effectively. It should also give readers an overview of what to expect from your blog. Use a compelling header and use keywords within the body text. You can also encourage suggestions from your blog visitors as to what they want to read on your blog in their future visits.

How often should I post content?
Content is king, as we often hear from expert bloggers. Blogs for business often feature related content in the form of how-to articles and tips in relation apart from product information so that users are able to get more by visiting their blogs. Decide on how many times you are going to update your blog in a week or a month. An updated blog has more chances of making it to search engine results pages.

How do I build readership?
There are many ways to promote your blog. You can do this by signing up for social media platforms and effectively use them to advertise your blog. Link-building is also essential in promoting blogs for business. Start by constructing a blog roll that includes the links to other blogs tackling topics related to yours. Search this blog for more information on link building, directory submission, and social media. You must always remember that blogs should encourage meaningful discussions and reader interaction. Use a tone that is casual and approachable so that your readers feel more welcome to keep returning.

Where do I get my content?
Start by creating an outline of topics and sub-topics so that you will never run out of anything to write about. If you have a busy schedule, you can enlist the help of a blog writing service provider or a freelance blogger to help you out in updating your blog. These options would require a significant budget but they allow you to perform other tasks related to your business. If you would like to manage your own content, it is recommended that you write posts in bulk and distribute their posting over a specified schedule. Do not forget to proofread before posting.

How do I monitor my blog visits?
You simply have to sign up for Google Analytics and install a tracking code into your page source. Just visit and follow the instructions. You will be given access to important information such as the number of visitors to your blog, page views, popular posts, and so on. Use these information to improve your blog and in planning your future posts.

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