Business Blogs – How Often Should You Really Post?

March 8, 2011

There are various factors to consider in determining just how many times you are supposed to post a new blog entry. Your goal, is of course, is to get blog traffic as much as possible so you think it is best to update as regularly as possible.

As with many other things in this world, we need to take blog posting in moderation. Some blogs prefer updating on a daily basis but over time, this could lead to compromised quality. Daily updates may be ideal for news sites and celebrity gossip blogs but might not work for blogs for business. In essence, the frequency of your blog posts should take into consideration the kind of material or theme your blog revolves around.

When it comes to blogs for business, search engine optimization experts recommend updating at least twice or thrice a week. This frequency is just enough to keep your blog content fresh and get blog traffic consistently. At the same time, you prevent readers from losing interest and getting tired of reading your updates.

Two other factors you might like to think about in deciding how often you should post are your limitations as a writer and your readers. What kind of people read your blog? If they are busy professionals working on regular shifts, it is safe to assume that they do not have time to read daily updates. If you offer too much information, your readers, especially those who subscribe to your blog through RSS feeds, may stop following you because they may start feeling that they are being left out.

Yes, every blog wants traffic and you might be worried that other people in your niche might be ahead of you. But how often do you think you can post? You can not let your blog take over your life. Gauge your abilities and your limitations. How often can you post content of good quality in say, a week or a month?

Run a test and then set a fixed schedule for writing and publishing content. One timesaving tip is to write blog posts in batches. Create an outline of the topics you want to discuss in your blog and write three to five articles at a time. Distribute your posts over a period of one or two weeks and you are guaranteed to get blog traffic and retain a good following.

It is also important to monitor your statistics. Analyze the volume of blog hits and reader comments you receive. As people start warming up, you might want to consider increasing the frequency of your posts. In the end, it is you who have to decide on how often you should post. Entries, especially in blogs for business, should be kept short and concise but loaded with useful information. This way, you maintain your desired posting frequency without sacrificing the quality of your posts.

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