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December 2, 2011

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Bloggers have many times decried the unpermitted duplication or copying of their original content by other authors online. The Internet is so vast and volatile that even though anti-plagiarism laws have been around for centuries, the rights of online writers and website owners remain unsecured. With the development of Copyscape, bloggers and online writers have found some form of security when it comes to their work.

Plagiarism is a growing threat in the online community. Content found in websites, blogs for business, personal blogs, and even your notes on Facebook can be stolen by anyone at anytime and basically, there is nothing you can do about it.

Copyscape claims to be the world’s most powerful online plagiarism detection and protection tool. The fact remains that anyone who wants to steal your content can do so as he likes and still be able to walk freely, but the introduction of Copyscape has successfully raised awareness among bloggers and online authors to post responsibly.

What can Copyscape do for you?

There are several tools online that can help you detect whether somebody on the web has copied your content and claimed it to be his own but Copyscape is the most trusted. You can use it for free, with limits, or choose to get a paid account to get access to more tools and services.

Copyscape, though not directly affiliated with Google, uses the leading search engine’s index in detecting stolen content. For free, you can easily log in to the Copyscape website, paste the link you want to search manually, and find out whether your content has been posted elsewhere on the web, with or without attribution.

Blogs for business and other websites are making use of this tool to detect online plagiarism. Copyscape displays top results for your query and you can click on the links to see word-by-word comparisons with your own content. Copyscape highlights blocks of text that match text found on your website or blog. On the downside, Copyscape does make judgments as to which page copied content from another. It simply finds similar content.

By signing up for a paid account or Copyscape Premium, you will be able to see unlimited search results. As compared to free Copyscape, which imposes limits searches made for a particular website in a month, Copyscape Premium provides unlimited service both for online and offline content. Both free and paid services work with the most common world languages.

Both free and paid users can download a Copyscape banner that can be posted on their blogs for business and personal websites. Although a banner does not make your content plagiarism-proof, it serves as a warning for would-be content stealers, hopefully, discouraging them from getting on with their unethical plans.

Copyscape Premium charges USD 0.5 for every search query. Search credits are bought in advance. You can opt to receive email updates and notifications each time your content is copied by signing up for Copysentry. Visit for more information.

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