How Long Should a Blog Post Really Be?

December 8, 2011

How long should a blog post be?

For many experienced bloggers, writing an entry usually follows a process. For each one, the steps may be differ depending on the person’s personality and the coverage of his topics but for everyone, especially the serious bloggers who produce content with their own sweat and blood, it is normal to feel anxious, excited, curious, and tired with every new blog entry produced.

As you write, several thoughts can go across your mind all at once such as whether a particular post can get traffic on your blog, would people agree or disagree with you, whether it is a mistake of writing about any topic at all, and many other concerns. In many ways, writing a blog post is very much like delivering a child. It is an activity however that offers many rewards. Not only do you get traffic on your blog, you also get a sense of accomplishment every time.

One major question bloggers usually ask is to how long a blog post should really be. Extensive research has been carried out by various people industry to find out what search engines define as the “correct” length of a post, if there is one. On one hand, short and concise entries are more effective in engaging your readers. On the other hand, longer posts can carry more information needed by your readers.

There is no definitive answer to this question until today. Most bloggers would agree that entries should not be less than 250 words but not more than 600 words, if possible. It is okay to exceed this figure if the matter you are discussing requires telling in detail. You can consider a few things when deciding on your word count

First of all, what is the dominating tone of your blog? Are you casual and friendly or a little more formal? When you learn to determine the tone of your blog, you get an idea about how you should talk to your audience. If you discuss a specific topic in a blog entry, it would help to focus more on the people to your talking to than your subject. Write as if you are talking to them – avoid beating around the bush and give them what they need to know.

The length of your blog posts should also be determined by your topics. If you offer tips and self-help guides, it is better if you present your points straightforwardly. If you are discussing topics loaded with information, you might want to narrow down your coverage further. If you can’t, then there is no getting around a longer blog entry.

You should also take into consideration how often your schedule allows you to update your blog. Posting regularly helps get traffic on your blog and retain a following so you should stick to a posting schedule. If your theme requires you to post often, you would better benefit with writing shorter posts. If you post only once or twice a week, longer blog entries will be acceptable.

You can post entries of varying lengths but setting a definitive word count for blog entries would make it easier for you to update your blog. Shoot for something in between the given numbers. Most importantly, learn how to write compelling articles. Make it your goal to learn how to write entries that your readers will be enticed to read from start to end.

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