How to Ensure that Your Blog Readers Make Return Visits

How to ensure that your blog readers make return visits

June 29, 2012

Let’s admit it: while blog writing is a good outlet for our emotions and everyday frustrations, it always helps when we know that people are reading our posts. Make that “people care about our posts and about us.” In the case of blogs for business, we need feedback to know what products are good and what are not. That is why we love it when other people leave feedbacks on our entries. To help you get more blog feedbacks, here’s a short list of practical ideas you can apply.

Respond. If someone leaves a feedback on your post, be sure to respond to that person. If the feedback is a simple smiley, reply with words like “glad you loved it.” If they leave a question, answer that question. Also, sometimes, it helps if you include their names in your feedback. Instead of responding with an “I agree with you” to a Jim’s feedback, say “I’m with you, Jim.” That’s a basic of blog writing.

Ask readers. This is simply writing blog posts that seek the advice or help from your readers. Blogs for business can do this by making polls. For example, your business is a restaurant. Post an entry saying you want to serve the best dessert for couple on Valentine’s Day. List around five choices of you best desserts and ask your readers what they like and why they like it. Instant feedback, instant traffic.

Find the best commenter. All of us have avid commenters, and sometimes these are the people who disagree with your posts! In blog writing, either people agree or disagree with you. It’s like all your girl friends agree that you should wait for your crush to approach you since you are a lady. Then comments a guy friend who says, “some boys like girls who are aggressive. If your crush is like them, you’re in trouble.” Good commenters spark more feedbacks and lengthen conversations. Determine who these bloggers are and then mention their hyperlinked names in one of your posts. Blog whether you agree or disagree with them and why, and expect them to leave feedbacks anew.

Stalk other bloggers. “Stalking” simply means reading their posts and leaving feedbacks as well. Leaving feedbacks on their pages means you read their posts. In return, they will “stalk” you too and you will get more blog feedbacks.

Be grateful. You can never be too thankful to your readers. If they say something, that probably means they read your post. Or at least the title of your blog post. Thank them for that. This is especially true for blogs for business. Clients and customers just love “thanks you’s” and compliments.

Writing blog posts that are ambiguous is also an effective way to get more blog feedbacks. Try posting “I knew it would happen. I really did. But I just wasn’t able to stop it” and ready your umbrella for a storm of feedbacks.

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