How to Establish Connections with Other Blogs

February 17, 2012

establish connections with other blogs

The blogosphere is a continuously growing space on its own. It is free for all and discriminates no one. Compared to the mere management of a website, blogging revolves around two-way relationships between blogger and reader as well as between fellow blog writers. A lot of people have learned to maintain positive relationships with bloggers of the same or a related niche. If you know how to connect with other blog authors, chances to get traffic for your blog are increased and so is your blog’s success.

There are plenty of ways with which you can connect with other bloggers. Although your main goal remains to be to get traffic for your blog, you should also see it as a learning experience and an opportunity to establish yourself as a credible authority in your niche.

  1. Look and listen. It is easy to detect whether a person commenting on your post is just out to have his link posted elsewhere and get blog traffic. If you genuinely find a blog interesting, take the time to know more about the author and do some back reading. Learn about the “culture” of the people who visit the blog and try to fit in. Before you post a comment, browse over other commenter’s post and do not miss the opportunity to participate in a meaningful discussion. By sharing information or experiences through your comments, blog readers are able to see you as a person and not just a random poster. You are bound to get traffic on your blog this way.
  2. Flatter the blogger. Each time you visit a blog, never forget that you are still a visitor. Give due credit and respect the same way you would want your blog visitors to extend you. Always be polite to the blog owner and your fellow readers. If you see a mistake, send the author an email and point it out courteously. Who knows, it might lead to you and this particular blogger developing some sort of friendship.
  3. Be clever in leaving your link. You can ask politely if it’s okay to post a link or you can observe if the blog owner allows it or not. If yes, observe how blogging experts operate in the comment sections. Acquire the talent of incorporating a relevant link within your comment. It would be so much better if you can link to a specific post in your blog related to the topic you are commenting on.
  4. Be prepared to learn. If you visit other blogs with the mind of a learner, you achieve more than just the goal to get traffic on your blog. Most bloggers have a common love for solving problems and helping other people out. It makes them feel important and trusted, values which you as a blogger, would understand.
  5. Tread carefully. It’s okay to tease other readers and even participate in healthy arguments. Just be careful not to hurt other people’s feelings or they will think badly of you and you will fail to get traffic for your blog. Learn how to use emoticons to show when you are kidding. If you start or join an argument, return to the blog for a follow-up comment. If you don’t, you exude an air of superiority and turn people off.

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