How to Find the Right Freelance Blog Writer

January 30, 2012

how to find the right freelance writer

Sometimes, it would be more practical to hire someone else to do your blog posts for you. Updating your blog on your own can be very rewarding but when the time comes when you feel like you’ve got too much on your plate (after all, you’re managing a business) or has simply need a break from coming up with ideas and writing, you can opt to hire blog writing service providers or pay bloggers for hire.

Working with individual freelance writers is ideal if you are looking for temporary bloggers. Choose blog writing service companies only if you plan to order blog posts in the long term. Once you find an individual writer with whom you can work harmoniously with, you can easily contact the person anytime you would need assistance in writing in the future. Usually, bloggers for hire are paid on a per-article basis, depending on how many articles you would need.

Finding a freelance blog writer to produce blog content for you is fairly easy. Choosing from the many of them who are advertising their services in the market is the challenging part. The first thing to do is determine what you want other people to do for you. This includes preparing a set of topics you would like discussed and specific instructions stating your preferred word count, your list of keywords, the number of articles or blog posts you would require weekly or daily, formatting concerns, and more guidelines.

You can consolidate all this information in a creative brief, where you would also need to specify targeted dates of completion. Once your creative brief is ready, you can start posting detailed advertisements calling for freelance bloggers for hire in websites like, Freelance Writing Jobs, and You can specifically call for a resume and sample works of interested applicants.

Expect several responses to your ad and be ready to filter through the applications to find the writer that can give you exactly what you want. An experienced writer does not necessarily have a given advantage over those who have just been writing for a year or so. Go over the sample works you receive and it will not be difficult to spot the writers whose style perfectly fits your brand. Other than basic grammar and style, check how flexible a writer is and find out if he or she has the ability to produce interesting and compelling content.

Another way to look for freelance blog writers is to browse through job listings and the aforementioned websites. Some individual freelancers have websites of their own so you have quick access to their portfolios. Make up a list of your choices and start contacting the freelancers. Ask how much they would charge for your required job. Negotiate once you agree upon the rates, you are ready to start working with your freelance writer.

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