The Importance of Proper Grammar in Blogging

November 24, 2011


The Importance of Proper Grammar in Blogging

Anyone can blog but not everyone is well-versed in language, grammar, and word usage. That’s a fact. The good news is, anyone can learn the basics if he is willing and determined enough. Not all of us are English majors; even native English speakers experience spelling, grammar, and syntax lapses once in a while. This is where online grammar checking software comes in handy.

Imagine this scenario: You get blog traffic because somehow, you got people interested. Then they start reading your entries and think that they can relay this kind of information better than you – all because you did not run a grammar check or even proofread your work before posting. Internet users have a short attention span. When you lose credibility, there is a small chance of them giving you a second chance; or more appropriately, a second visit.

Also, language mistakes can cause people to misunderstand you and miss the whole point of your message. This is where style comes in. Various writers have different styles which they learn to develop over time and with the influence of other persons of authority. If you are just a beginner in the field of content writing, practice and experience will improve your skills.

Even if you hire blog services to manage your blog content for you, it is no excuse for you not to learn about the basics of spelling and grammar. There is no better time than now to download free grammar and spelling check software online. If you prefer, you can avail of paid services that offer more advanced features.

Most software tools are easy to download and use. You do not have to rely on them entirely as they come with certain limitations. The important thing is that they help you with the basics. Some of these tools are:
Spellchecker identifies spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors in a few seconds. All you have to do is paste the text you want checked on the website.

Designed with an interface reminiscent of MS Word, the open source program has a grammar checker among its many features. It is also free and user-friendly. You can use it on almost all operating systems.

Language Tool
Another open-source software, Language tool can also help blog writers aiming to get traffic identify common grammatical mistakes.

Grammar Slammer
Grammar Slammer is available in trial and paid versions. It comes with a taskbar and incorporated search to detect spelling and grammatical errors. The program also offers text suggestions. The trial version is free for 21 days while the full package is worth USD 41.

There are many other available tools online that could help you learn a lot about the basics of writing. If you are serious about this business, they can equip you with the knowledge you need so you get blog traffic and conversions in no time. You can also consult resources like dictionaries and thesaurus online.

Microsoft Word has a built-in spelling and grammar checker that many blog writers find adequate. Whatever your grammar checker of choice may be, it is considered necessary that you have one – even if you regard yourself as an advanced writer. Blogging is a growing industry and there is lots of competition. You need to communicate effectively to get blog traffic and establish a positive online reputation.

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