Link-Building Tips to Get Blog Traffic

May 15, 2011

It pays to have the skills necessary to write compelling blog content. You get blog traffic and win conversions if your visitors find your entries useful and informative. However, you can do more to increase your blog’s popularity by learning some effective link-building strategies. Many blogs for business pay special attention to this activity.

If you are a beginner in the world of blogging, and whether you blog is for business or personal purposes, the following suggestions are effective in generating links directing to your website. Try them and increase your online visibility and get blog traffic:

Submit your URL to web directories.
There are hundreds of web and blog directories online wherein you can get your blog listed for free. These directories categorize submitted links to make it easier for people doing searches to find related topic resources in one place. Some business bloggers hire professional link-builders to handle directory submission.
Post press releases on PR sites.
If you have something newsworthy to share, create a press release aside from a blog entry. This is a common practice among people who manage blogs for business. Many of the PR sites require you to register but most of them are free of charge. Make sure you include the link to your blog in the boiler plate of the press release article.
Exchange links with other bloggers.
Post links of other related blogs on your site. Eventually, bloggers will start noticing you. The more experienced know how to use online tools to find out which sites link to them. If your blog features quality content, they will not hesitate to add you to their link list and this will help you get blog followers. In some cases, you can email bloggers directly asking to exchange links. Some bloggers frown upon “begging” for links but who knows when you just might find some exceptions.
Drop comments.
Get blog traffic by commenting in reply to other people’s blog posts, social media status messages, links, and comments. Make sure your comments are relevant. Subtly insert a link to your blog within your comments by stating that you discuss related topics on your blog as well, or offering your own opinion on the subject, and so on.
Become a guest blogger.
Guest blogging is an effective way to get blog traffic. And as a matter of fact, almost all bloggers would appreciate help from a guest blogger once in a while. Put your URL in the author box or insert an anchor text with a link leading to your blog within your article. Make sure that you do it cleverly.
Use article directories.
Article directories require you to submit short articles related to your niche. You gain backlinks and get blog traffic especially if your article is picked up and published by other websites.
Include your URL in social media profiles.
Social media marketing is another interesting subject altogether but remember to always include your URL on your social media profile page to get blog traffic. The idea is that if people check out your profile, they are interested enough to click on the link to your blog.
Add your blog link in your forum signatures.
This allows your URL to be displayed whenever you post in forum threads. Make relevant comments and participate in discussions to make other forum members want to know more about your blog.

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