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September 1, 2011

WordPress is the ideal choice for many bloggers for its usability and features. Content management is made easier for WordPress users, who are given  access to various tools to continuously improve and monetize their blogs for business. The highly popular blogging platform can be used for free or you can get a your  own domain, still using WordPress features, for an annual fee.

Writing and Publishing

WordPress is ideal for the needs of a true blogger. It comes only with the tools you really need and its easy-to-use interface ensures a smooth workflow.  It features an HTML editor for your content management needs. Publishing new posts are made easy as categories are well organized and are easy to edit. You can even tell  at how many word you’re at while writing.


In many ways, WordPress effectively provides all your web designing needs. Picking layouts and organizing the overall look and feel of your site takes only a few clicks of the button. Studies show that the default font style and size implemented by WordPress is left as it is by users. WordPress also provides a live preview so you can easily see how your blog appears to your readers.

Web Standards

WordPress complies with web and typographic standards so you are sure that your site appears to anyone in the world as you see it. Users can write using XHTML without having to worry about their content or layout being messed up by CMS. All your inputs, including typographically correct punctuations,  are automatically converted to standards-compliant XHTML.

For the reasons stated above, most users are willing to pay for the blogging software. WordPress allows them their own domain and equips them with tools to manage their blog and its contents without the need for help from external sources.

Setting up Your WordPress Blog

To start your blogs for business on WordPress, all you have to do is log on to the website and sign in. You have the option to start a blog or just create an account. Once you start a WordPress blog, the software instantly pings all blog feed and RSS directories every time you post. Without sweating it out, you generate backlinks to your blog, get your blog listed on Google and other search engines, and start to get traffic on your blog.

When posting, you can easily create categories and organize your blog entries under your preferred categories. All you have to do is create categories as you go and select from them accordingly for future posts. Organizing your posts into specific categories helps make it easier for your visitors to find your site and navigate through it.

Categories also make blogs for business easier to index on search engines. They generate links to your blog pages. Even if your blog expands into a hundred pages, each of them will be ranked by search engines accordingly so that your blog wins higher page rankings. This is a far cry from having to do everything yourself manually just to get your blog listed on Google.

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