12 Excellent WordPress Plug-Ins

Wordpress plugins

September 10, 2011

Plugins enable additional features for WordPress blogs for business. There are so many of them available to help you maximize your readership and get traffic on your blog. Do not be tempted, however, to add too many plug-ins that you compromise the loading time of your pages and risk losing visitors and conversions. Study the various plugins availablr to you and know what they can do for your blog before deciding on which ones you need the most.

The following are some of the most highly recommended plug-ins you can use to maximize your blog’s functionality:

1. All in One SEO Pack. Activating this plugin on your WordPress blog reduces the time you have to allot for search engine optimization activities. Thus, you can shift your attention to what really makes a successful blog – your blog content.

2. Akismet. Akismet effectively blocks spam comments that make their way to your blog. It is a built-in plugin that you only need to activate.

3. Ozh’ Absolute Comments. This plugin allows users to manage their blog comments without having to visit every post page. Reading and replying to blog comments can be done at one go.

4. Nofollow Case by Case. This plugin enables Google page rank to track you back to your own blog site whenever you drop comments elsewhere on the web. It helps get traffic on your blog by increasing your visibility on search engine indexes.

5. SEO Slugs. This WordPress plugin eliminates unnecessary words from your article slugs so that when your page or blog posts appear on search engine results pages, your article slugs are shortened in such a way that your keywords are emphasized and your links shortened.

6. Permalinks Removed Permanently. Have all  your permalinks moved to post pages with this plugin. Permalinks that are too long may result in 404 errors. This plugin forwards all your links and PR to new addresses.

7. Thank Me Later. Activate this plugin if you want first-time visitors to receive an email from you asking inviting them to subscribe to RSS feeds or to simply connect with you personally.

8. Tweetable. This updates your Twitter account every time you make a new post.

9. Subscribe to Comments. This plugin allows you to get traffic on your blog by giving blog visitors the option to subscribe to comments posted on specific posts via email. It encourages your readers to make return visits.

10. Top Commentators. The widget can be installed at the bottom of the sidebar, featuring each month’s top commentators. It generates dofollow links for people who support your blog.

11. WordPress Related Posts. This gives access to you readers to other posts that discuss related topics as in any particular post that they find interesting. Not only do you get traffic to your blog but you also make it easier for your blog visitors to dig deeper into your blog.

12. Super Cache. WordPress Super Cache helps make your pages load faster and require less CPU processing from your readers by storing static verisons of your blog.

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